welcome to the silliest of sillies!

this site is a messy collection of my thoughts, feelings and choatic mind! it's a soft and cuddly space where i feel safe (woah rhyming). i hope that you can also find a cozy spot here to feel safe and warm!

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feel free to check back in every now and then, i am always updating my journals, adding sites, webrings, quizzes and shrines! i am still learning and getting the hang of using html and css, thank you for joining me on this crazy journey! remember that you can always reach out to me on my site profile or my guestbook

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aromatic // pumpkin spice

rainbow 🌈 soft lavender

I am angelic ♥

This Barbie loves dragons!

leafy! 26 they/it
british, non-binary, aroace⠀ೀ
adhd, bpdtistic, infp

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