sunfyre's journal!

november 14th 2023

yeah it's been a month i know but i am not living la vida loca rn... mental health is a little fucked but yk... anyway i am going to comic con soon with my uncle the 26th which should be fun.. uhh i have been watching a lot of star wars.. that's all okay bye

october 15th 2023

my ear is blocked and i hate it sm but it's fine i guess siiiiiigh. anyway i made a genshin shrine and a shrine fo rmy favourite animal crossing villager (diana). and i redid this fucking journal page because i am never happy. whatever this is simple enough. p.s. i am eating spghetti rn
love, leafy.

october 5th 2023

i have't wrote here for a while but LISTEN i am so happy rn!!!! it's october which means it's spooky month! but but but but but... 2 days ago i saw 5 seconds of summer LIVE!!! i have loved them since i was a wee 16 year old baby, and i'm now a big 26 year old baby. michael clifford is still the loml too. i miss them so much.
love, leafy.

september 15th 2023

i made a couple of sites today which is good very nice! i made a dream journal and it's cute as well as i think i added some fanlistings and webrings to my index page... oh and i made a links page for all my favourite sites. it's dope and i am happy. i now will focus on my shrines because i miss having shrines
love, leafy.

september 14th 2023

today i felt like screaming because html is hard and i am not a genius yet. i know i am being dramatic but i just want to make pretty things.
love, leafy.