sunfyre's favourite short films!

Salt Water Town (2021) centres around a father and son who wrestle over the future of their failing caravan park in a poverty-stricken coastal town. (15 mins)

Extinction (2020) shows a group of climate activists meeting with a senior conservative MP to discuss their demands. the seas are rising, the world is ending, but life continues. this is a comedy about climate change. (12 mins)

Shackled (2012) tells the story of malu, a young fortune teller in a circus who is freed by her husband, jesse. he tells her to run away to an assigned location but during her journey, she becomes frightened of a disturbing memory (12 mins)

leaning towards solace (2012) shows two lost souls attempting to connect in the space between places. the two characters bond is revealed in stages, treading the line of life, loss and rebirth. (10 mins)

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